Common Symptoms of Neurological Conditions

  • Paralysis/weakness in legs
  • Spinal pain
  • Seizures
  • Abnormal gait
  • Behavioral changes
  • Head tilt Issues in balance
  • Tremors

What they’re saying…

Lori and I are very pleased with the love and tenderness that Dr. Levine and the entire staff always give whenever Lily comes to the office. Not only is Dr. Levine an exceptional surgeon, he truly loves all the animals that he cares for daily. You also have an awesome staff and your kindness is truly appreciated. We would highly recommend your practice for any dog lovers that need your expertise. Thanks for helping our Lily get better. We can’t say enough good things about all of you.

Don, Lori and Lily.

I was so very impressed with everyone in the office. They made me and KC feel so comfortable during the entire procedure. So thankful for all of the staff. KC is doing great and I’m so happy he doesn’t have anymore pain.


I am so happy Dr. Levine finally has his own practice. I have been following him for years and whenever my primary vet upgrades my babies to a neurologist, I always suggest that they refer me to Dr. Levine. His a wonderful team of technicians.

I have 7 aging Shih Tzus that are my world and I wont allow just any neurologist to care for my babies. I was highly impressed by his bedside manner, how he sits on the ground and waits for my baby to walk over to him to begin the examination. Dr. Levine is warm and caring and knows his stuff. I love that Dr. Levine pursues alternative methods of treatments rather than immediately submitting a pet to surgery.

If you ever have to have your pet seen by a neurologist rest assure that your baby is in good hands with Dr. Levine.


Dr. Levine’s compassionate demeanor and professional attention to detail transitioned a highly stressful time for our family into a calm and pet-centric learning experience.

While focusing on the best care for our dog Bear he explained every option clearly and with obvious passion for the care of pets; while also being mindful of costs associated with each option.

We highly recommend Dr. Levine and his amazing staff, and thank him very kindly for working his magic with our British Lab Bear.
Excellence in every detail of customer experience!